LA Favorites: The Mar Vista Farmers’ Market

One of my favorite things about Southern California is the plethora of farmers’ markets, and one of my favorite things about my LA neighborhood is the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market.  I’ve been to the huge, amazing Los Angeles Farmers’ Market, I’ve been to the diverse and hugely popular (read: crowded) Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, but there’s something nice and quaint about being able to take a Sunday morning stroll just a few blocks away to pick up some fresh produce.

Mar Vista is a somewhat small up-and-coming area of West Los Angeles, tucked somewhere in between Culver City and Venice.  Restaurants and boutiques seem to always be popping up, and even the farmers’ market itself appears to be expanding every time I go.  Like many farmers’ markets, Mar Vista’s offers a variety of not only produce, but locally made goods, crafts, plants, and services, made-to-order food from a wide variety of vendors, and even the occasional cooking class!  So next time you’re in the area on a Sunday morning, indulge yourself and grab some homemade chips and salsa, roasted corn, vegan kimchee, a couple of empanadas… or, if you’re anything like me, how about a little bit of everything?


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