LA Favorites: Café Brasil

Welcome to one of my mostest favoritest restaurants in Los Angeles, Café Brasil. One of the things I love most about my neighborhood is the variety of restaurants in the area, and this is a prime example. I had never had Brazilian food before this place, hopefully one day I’ll make it to Brazil (World Cup 2014, anyone??), but in the meantime, I will gladly come here over and over again. The location I frequent is actually the second of two (the first is on Venice Boulevard), which I prefer as A. It’s thisclose to my place and B. I may be mistaken, but I think the Venice Blvd location doesn’t serve alcohol. (You’ll see why this is important below!) Also it’s unpretentious (a bonus in LA) and never crowded (another bonus in LA), where you can sit and enjoy your meal and chat for a couple hours, or if you’re like J, have your eyes glued to the flat-screen TVs playing soccer games and not pay any attention to your dinner companion. Ahem.

Café Brasil is actually part of the Villa Brasil Motel, which is right next door and is ridiculously cute.

I highly, highly recommend the caipirinha. Theirs is actually not made with the traditional cachaça (sugar cane rum), but sake. And if you’re a bit of a lightweight like me, one of these and you’re good to go. Also a must is a side of fried yucca!

I always order the same thing– grilled dark meat chicken, which comes with grilled onions and the most succulent plantains ever, and a choice of salad, black bean soup (deliciously spicy and thick) or lentil soup (just as delicious but a lighter option.) Even the rice is spectacular. Then to finish it all off, traditional Brazilian candies, a beijinho de coco (left, made with sweetened condensed milk and coconut), and a brigadeiro, (right, made with sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder.) Don’t get me started on sweetened condensed milk, which is the way to a Filipino girl’s heart. Just give me a can of the stuff and a spoon and call it a day.


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