Chicago Favorites: Sun Wah BBQ

Middle of winter. 14 degrees outside.

The solution? Dinner out with family– hot tea, steaming bowls of soup, and Peking duck.
sf-sunwah01 sf-sunwah02 sf-sunwah03

Be sure to have the Beijing Duck Feast, which I believe isn’t even on the menu but everyone orders it. They bring out a plump, juicy roasted duck and carve it tableside, then serve it with steamed bao, pickled daikon, and hoisin sauce. The duck itself is delicious, but once you eat it with all the other ingredients, you’ll be dreaming about it for days. Once carved up, the duck carcass goes back into the kitchen to make broth with wintermelon, as well as fried rice (pictured below), which are soon brought back out to your table.


Other goodies include (from top left) the aforementioned duck fried rice, fish with ginger and green onions, Chinese broccoli, and a combination BBQ plate.


Corn egg drop soup and fried fish balls –tender fish with a perfectly crisp, slightly sweet crust– are also definitely some of my favorites.

Sun Wah BBQ (Uptown/Argyle)
5039 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640


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