Hello Palm Springs!

Just before the holidays, J and I took a little mini vacation to Palm Springs. (Okay, so this post is a little late!) I had never been before, and pretty much everyone who lives in Los Angeles counts Palm Springs as one of their go-to getaway spots. I admit that there’s not much to do in Palm Springs, but that’s kind of the idea. Pick a cool hotel to stay in, eat, sleep in, read a book and sip on a cocktail poolside (yes, even in December.) As for us, we chose to stay at The Ace Hotel, a quirky, renovated motel for design lovers. Every corner I turned, there was something new to photograph, so I spent a good, oh, 75% of the time snapping away. You can tell by my oodles of pics below– and these are just of the hotel! All in all, it was a perfect way to end a busy year and slow life down a bit.

You can’t come here and NOT take a picture of the Ace sign.

The view from across the street at Koffi— a must for your coffee fix if you’re staying at the Ace.

King’s Highway restaurant: a former Denny’s. Not a bad renovation, huh?

Other sights to see:

Viceroy Palm Springs – I adore the decor here. Modern, white, and dreamy. J and I had dinner at the restaurant here called Citron. Dee-lish.

The Parker – Just driving up to the hotel will take your breath away.

Koffi – Umm, sorry. I had to mention it again. This cafe is local to Palm Springs only; one location across from The Ace Hotel, and another downtown. We were in Palm Springs for three days and went to Koffi… three times. Yes. Spicy Mexican chocolate chip scone. Yup.

Elmer’s – It’s not trendy. No hipsters to be found here. It’s just good food. Order the German pancake (also goes by Dutch Baby.) Bigger than your head and you will not regret it, I promise you.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – Seems really cool, but I kind of have a fear of these things, so it was a no-no for me.

Salton Sea – This isn’t in Palm Springs, it’s actually about an hour drive south. But if you drive all the way out to Palm Springs, you might as well drive a little further for some amazing photo ops. (Just Google “Salton Sea” and take a look at some images– but don’t let Val Kilmer distract you.) I’m pretty disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to go there ourselves, but we had to skedaddle back home for Christmas. One day.