Chicago Favorites: !Bang! Bang Pie Shop

A beautiful Saturday afternoon, six girlfriends, and the most adorable pie and biscuit shop.

Bang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole ZarateThe shop’s tables are made with salvaged wood from the nearby Rebuilding Exhange. Awesome, right?Bang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole ZarateBang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole Zarate Bang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole ZarateHomemade jam, butter, and coffee roasted in-house? Check, check, and check. (Their iced coffee, lemonade, and iced tea are on tap!)Bang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole ZarateSavory tart with local vegetables and goat cheese. Nom!
Bang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole ZarateFreshly torched s’mores pie, and blueberry cheesecakeBang Bang Pie Shop | Photo by Nicole ZarateOf course, I had to buy an extra slice and bring it home for J. Brownie… er… pie points?

!Bang! Bang Pie Shop (Logan Square)
2051 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Clementine Posset

Every winter, I look forward to buying crates and crates of clementines. Sweet, juicy, seedless, easy to peel… what more can you ask for in a citrus fruit? As delicious as they are on their own, I wanted to do something else with the bowl of clementines sitting in my kitchen. And then I remembered I had a recipe for a clementine posset lost amongst the hundreds of “need to try!!” recipes I had bookmarked.

What’s a posset, you say?

I don’t know either.

Apparently, it’s a hot drink originating from Britain, made with milk curdled with wine or ale. These days, you’ll find it more commonly describing a dessert similar to pudding. Clementine pudding!!




Find the recipe for clementine posset here. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Pots de Crème

Ah, Valentine’s Day– what better excuse to spend a little time in the kitchen making something sweet?  I usually opt for a super chocolatey dessert due to the preferences of a certain special someone, but this year I decided to do something a little different: lemon and white chocolate pots de crème!  I have been a fan of pots de crème of all varieties for a while now (who isn’t?), but this is the first time making them myself.  The recipe I used calls for raspberries as a garnish– they would have added a lovely color atop that creamy yellow surface, but I omitted them this time since they aren’t in season.  Otherwise, I followed the instructions to a tee– and the result?  Thick, rich, and delicious.